Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Campaign Journal 2

Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Campaign Journal, Session 2

Real World Date: Friday March 11, 2011

Campaign World Date: Vandday, 4 Fireseek, to Sunday, 8 Fireseek, 1,000 FF (From the Founding of Tyros City)

The Party


Agar. An attractive barbarian from the Ice Spires. He wears a loin cloth and a bear skin cloak complete with the bear’s head.


Dar. An attractive beastmaster and shapechanger from the Erendor Forest. He wears naught but a loin cloth. He is accompanied by a wolf. Dar is also capable of turning into a wolf.


THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!. A brawny, attractive barbarian from the Ice Spires. He wears naught but a loin cloth.


Alzar. A charismatic thief with a mysterious past. He and Rohan are old adventuring companions.


Rohan. A rogue who has the brand of the thief on his forehead.


• All of the heroes seek a scoundrel by the name of Joubert, who committed some heinous crime against them or against someone or something important to them. They all want Joubert dead, either by their own hand or by the King’s Justice.

• Joubert is currently leading the River Rats, a group of pirates attacking merchant barges on the Lil River.

• Last session the party uncovered the following plot hooks:

o A shipment of pleasure slaves was leaving the city of Pyrani for the city of Ranen’s Ford. An expensive shipment like this is exactly what Joubert would target.

o A man named Jonah acts as a fence for the River Rats. The party intimidated Jonah into revealing that a woman named Gretchen would show up about once a month with a boat laden with ill-gotten booty. Jonah would pay her and then sell the items on the black market. Gretchen was from a town called Bloodwater, which was located in the Harrow Swamp.

The Tale

Fight in the Streets of Pyrani

• A skeletal figure, armored in plate and wielding a fearsome looking two-handed sword; and a gang of cultists awaited the party as they left Jonah’s house. Dar shapechanged into a dire wolf, charged the undead horror, and succeeded in tearing out its undead throat. Crippled, the undead monster quickly fell to the blows of the rest of the party. The cultists fled when their undead master died.

• The two-handed sword wielded by the skeletal warrior turned out to be magical. It was dedicated to Hala, the goddess of death.

The Barge of Pleasure Slaves

• The party decided that the best way to find Joubert was to hire on as guards on the barge shipping pleasure slaves north to Ranen’s Ford.

• The heroes went in search of Ragnar, the riverman who had told Agar about the shipment of pleasure slaves. The barbarian and the riverman had hit it off quite well, and Agar was sure that his friend would vouch for the rest of the party to get hired as guards.

• The fight with the undead horror ended about 3:00 AM, but the party refused to rest. Agar led them to the flophouse where he had said goodbye to Ragnar several hours before. After some grumbling from the proprietor of the flophouse about it being 3:00 AM, the party was let in. Agar found his friend, and they made plans to visit Ragnar’s captain, a man called Blenheim, in the morning.

• The party met Captain Blenheim and convinced him to take them aboard as guards. The barge was named the Mildred.

• During the voyage upriver, the party shared stories about their past. [I pulled out the Interludes rules and made the party entertain me.]

The Ambush

• The Mildred travelled upriver for two days. Near Harrow Swamp, there was a loud thump from below the barge and it suddenly started travelling into the swamp. Oars snapped as the crew tried desperately to row against whatever force was moving them.

• The barge was pulled into a sunken temple, the roof of which had collapsed. Pillars marked the former boundaries of the temple. Joubert and the River Rats stood on the tops of these pillars, covering the barge with crossbows. Joubert had on a strange green, turtle shaped helm. The eyes of the turtle helm glowed red.

• The party, hired to guard the barge, decided not to fight or to surrender. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! threw a dagger at the pirates. They returned fire with their crossbows. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! fell into the water, seemingly dead. The barbarian had actually fallen into the water on purpose. Alive and well, he secretly made his way to the back of the boat and held on to the anchor chain.

• The rest of the party ran into the cabin of the Mildred and hid. Captain Blenheim, deserted by his guards, surrendered. He and his crew were stranded in Harrow Swamp as Joubert and the River Rats took command of the barge.


• The River Rats piloted (by what, the party still did not know) the Mildred to the town of Bloodwater. The town was located in a lagoon in Harrow Swamp, the buildings sitting above the water on a framework of poles.

• The pirates docked the barge and started unloaded the pleasure slaves and other cargo into canoes with the help of the townspeople. Joubert, several female pleasure slaves, and several River Rats got into a canoe and started rowing deeper into Harrow Swamp.

• One by one, the heroes moved out of their hiding places. Agar and Alzar brazenly joined the people loading the canoes, acting as if they belonged. Rohan started loading another canoe. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! swam across the lagoon, daring anyone to spot him, to see where Joubert was going. Dar and his wolf companion swam across the lagoon to join THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!. The wolf was not happy about the swim, so Dar had to swim with the wolf on his back. A townsmen spotted the pair and was about ready to raise the alarm. Thinking quickly, Alzar convinced the man that what looked like a man swimming with a wolf on his back was actually just a log.

• After loading a canoe, Agar and Alzar jumped in and started rowing. Two pleasure slaves and two River Rats joined them. Rohan followed in the next canoe. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar followed the canoes on land. At a bend in the channel, while unseen by other canoes, Agar dispatched the two River Rats in the canoe.

The Encampment

• The canoes eventually reached an encampment perched on a bluff. Joubert was nowhere to be seen. Agar, Alzar, and Rohan quickly discovered that Joubert, along with several female pleasure slaves and a number of River Rats, had rowed onto “the Secret Lair.”

• The three heroes in the camp were quickly found out, as no one recognized them. Madoc, Joubert’s lieutenant, was impressed by the audacity of the heroes and decided not to kill them outright. Instead, he offered them a job if they could each pass a test.

• The Test of Combat. Alzar had to fight Vitar, a defrocked priest of Kesh, the god of war. Vitar crushed the thief with a mighty blow. Somehow, Alzar remained standing. Impressed, Madoc ordered Vitar to spare the thief’s life.

• The Test of Agility. Agar had to walk across a narrow beam suspended over a pit full of alligators. The beam was rigged so that is swayed mightily the closer one got to the other side. Despite this, Agar succeeded in crossing the pit.

• The Test of Skill. Rohan had to put his hand inside of a box and pick a lock sight unseen. If he failed, a blade inside the box would cut off his hand. Rohan, too, passed the test.

• While the other party members undertook their tests, THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar moved in the shadows, killing off a dozen of the River Rats who lingered in the back of the group of spectators watching the tests.

• Then THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar attacked. The remaining River Rats turned to see a large number of their comrades already dead and two blood spattered barbarians flexing their muscles and screaming insults. The River Rats broke and fled. Madoc and Vitar stood their ground. They were eventually captured when the pleasure slaves swarmed and overwhelmed them. [Someone played the “Here Comes the Cavalry” Adventure Card. The only reinforcements available were the pleasure slaves.]

• In exchange for his life, Madoc gave up the location of “the Secret Lair.” It lay about 5 miles to the northwest, on a hill called the Wart. An old Zovan hillfort called Skoridan sat on top of the hill.

Cliffhanger Ending

• Alzar heard a noise outside the camp perimeter and went to investigate. A horrible plant monster attacked him. Screaming like a little girl, Alzar was pulled into the mass of the plant. Then the mound of vegetation shambled forward to attack and eat the rest of the party.

NPCs met

Blenheim, Captain

Captain of the Mildred, a barge on the Lil River.


One of Joubert’s lieutenants. Captured by the party.


A riverman who worked on the Mildred for Captain Blenheim.

Friends: Agar


One of Joubert’s lieutenants. Captured by the party.

Locations Visited

Pyrani, the City of Giants

The Lil River

Bloodwater, Town of

Harrow Swamp


The Sword of the Grey Queen

A two-handed sword with a prayer written in Zovan to Hala, the goddess of death, on one side. The other side contains pictures of people being decapitated. The sword gives a bonus when making a called shot to the head.

Open Plot Hooks

Kill Joubert or Bring Him to Justice

The party actually saw Joubert. So close and yet so far away.

15 Pleasure Slaves

The party is in the middle of a deadly swamp with 15 pleasure slaves. The pleasure slaves have all sorts of skills but none of them will help them survive in a swamp.

Madoc and Vitar, prisoners

The party took Joubert’s lieutenants captive. Madoc coughed up the location of Joubert’s Secret Lair. Should the party spare these two curs?

Captain Blenheim, Ragnar, and the rest of the crew of the Mildred

They were left stranded in Harrow Swamp. Will the party find the crew and help get them out of the swamp?

World Records

Damage Inflicted

38 points. Dar, Session 2. Against the undead horror on the streets of Pyrani.

Damage Received

47 Points. Alzar, Session 2. During the Test of Combat against Vitar, the defrocked War Priest of Kesh. Luckily, Jack rolled a Raise on Alzar’s Incapacitation roll. Unluckily, he also rolled a 2 on the Wound chart: the Unmentionables. Vitar uses a maul. So, um, yeah, make up your own description on this one.

Experience and Glory

3 XP awarded.

Agar earns an Advance. Congrats Danny!

Dar earns an Advance. Congrats Eric!

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! earns an Advance. Congrats Heath!

Glory Points

5 Glory Points awarded to THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Heath played the “Renown” Adventure Card. He gains 5 Glory instead of the effects listed on the card. One of the male pleasure slaves is a poet who was very taken with THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!. The slave will spread THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!’s name far and wide, assuming that they get out of the swamp.

XP and Glory for current characters:

Agar 25 XP 10 Glory
Dar 25 XP 10 Glory
Rohan 28 XP 10 Glory
THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! 25 XP 15 Glory

Retired Characters:

Alzar 23 XP 10 Glory
Jaden 22 XP 11 Glory

Legend Chip Tally: 1

Spent – Session 1. We started the campaign with one Legend Chip in the bag. Thomas drew it and saved it until the end of the night for XP for Rohan.



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