Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Campaign Journal 3

Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Campaign Journal, Session 3

Real World Date: Friday March 25, 2011

Campaign World Date: Sunday, 8 Fireseek, to Amarday, 9 Fireseek, 1,000 FF (From the Founding of Tyros City)

The Roll of Heroes


Dar. An attractive beastmaster and shapechanger from the Erendor Forest. He wears naught but a loin cloth. He is accompanied by a wolf. Dar is also capable of turning into a wolf. Dar seeks revenge on a scoundrel named Joubert, who had slaughtered Dar’s pack and enslaved the beastmaster.


THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!. A brawny, attractive barbarian from the Ice Spires. He wears chain mail and wields an impressive looking two-handed sword. He seeks Selina, the daughter of his friend Salidaar. A scoundrel named Joubert had slaughtered THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!’s tribe and kidnapped Selina.


Marvin. A pimp who runs with 5 pleasure slaves. A scoundrel named Joubert absconded with Marvin’s pleasure slaves. Marvin wants them back.


Rohan. A rogue who has the brand of the thief on his forehead. He seeks revenge on a scoundrel named Joubert. This man betrayed Rohan and kidnapped Rohan’s master, Alagare, for unknown purposes.

What Has Come Before

• All of the heroes seek a scoundrel by the name of Joubert, who committed some heinous crime against them or against someone or something important to them. They all want Joubert dead, either by their own hand or by the King’s Justice.

• Joubert is currently leading the River Rats, a group of pirates attacking merchant barges on the Lil River.

• Last session the party ended up in Harrow Swamp. Somewhere within was the lair of Joubert and the River Rats. The party had just routed a contingent of River Rats and taken prisoner two of Joubert’s lieutenants.

The Tale of Heroes

Fight against a Plant Monster

• Alzar heard a noise outside the camp perimeter and went to investigate. A horrible plant monster attacked him. Screaming like a little girl, Alzar was pulled into the mass of the plant. Then the mound of vegetation shambled forward to attack and eat the rest of the party.

• One of the pleasure slaves turned out not to be a pleasure slave, but actually a pimp, of sorts. He rushed up to fight the plant monster, brandishing his cane.

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! was not impressed with the plant monster. He transformed himself into a lawn mower, hacking and chopping his way from one end of the plant to the other, saving Alzar, and covering everyone in sap and plant goo.

Seeking the Secret Lair

• The party released Madoc and Vitar, lieutenants of Joubert.

• Marvin introduced himself. He works with five female pleasure slaves. Joubert had stolen his slaves and taken them to the Secret Lair. Marvin wanted them back.

• The party rounded up the remaining pleasure slaves and headed for the Secret Lair, located on the Wart, a hill on top of which sat the ruins of a Zovan hillfort named Skoridan.

• The party split up when they arrived at Skoridan. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar walked boldly through the front gate of the ruined hillfort. Rohan and Marvin sneaked around to the back of the hillfort.

• Rohan and Marvin found a hunting lodge behind the hillfort. They overpowered a guard and discovered a trap door in the floor of the lodge. Then they heard the sounds of fighting from the hillfort.

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar had a series of misadventures with collapsing towers. Then they awoke a swarm of giant mosquitoes. Rohan and Marvin showed up just in time to help disperse the mosquitoes. Then THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! opened the door to the largest tower in the hillfort. The tower collapsed, forcing Agility checks from everyone. All of the adventurers managed to survive having 50 tons of rock dropped on their heads.

• The party proceeded to the lodge. They opened the trap door and found a tunnel descending into the depths of the earth.

An Epic Fight in the Secret Lair

• The trap door and the tunnel beneath led to the Secret Lair, a series of caverns with a river running through them.

• An epic battle took place in the caverns. Rohan died. Dar and his wolf both fell, but survived.

• Wielding the Sword of the Grey Queen, THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! decapitated an exotic looking barbarian woman who fought beside Joubert.

• Joubert fled and locked a heavy door behind him. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! destroyed the door with one massive kick. Then he and Joubert grappled for about an hour, while Marvin kept trying to smack Joubert with his cane.

• In the end, THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Marvin forced Joubert to capitulate. With their leader captured, the rest of the River Rats fled.

Joubert Spills the Beans

• Joe played the “Spill the Beans” Adventure Card. Joubert revealed the following information:

o Joubert confessed to being a member of the Black Hand of Nogar-Sai.

o Joubert takes most of his orders from Kalin, a Yari and a priest who worships Yago, the Demon Prince.

o Kalin is an advisor for Henry Avigton, the Baron of Kythorn.

o Joubert gave a cut of the booty to the Mauk, a tribe of inbred cannibal hillbillies in the Howling Hills. In return for gold and pleasure slaves, the Mauk would join forces with the Baron. Together, the two forces would invade the Duchy of Cotham and overthrow the Duchess Mary Eketta. The Baron would then declare himself King of Cotham.

o THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! demanded to know what happened to Selina. Joubert did not know who Selina was. The scoundrel did say that his Yari masters often sent him out to kidnapped “the Marked.” He didn’t know what that meant. “The Marked” were to be kept alive and not to be mistreated.

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar killed Joubert after his confession.

Wrapping It Up

• The party found a magic ritual circle etched into the ground. A map nearby showed a hill called Shaman’s Crown. The map gave instructions to find the Marked at the village of Broken Shield. The instructions were signed by Elslae. This was a name that Agar knew well. Of course, Agar was not with the party at the moment. He had decided to stay behind and guard the pleasure slaves.

• The party found a prisoner named Marcus, who was a pig farmer from the village of Broken Shield. He said that he had been kidnapped by a man named Montaroe, who wielded a glowing green knife. Montaroe said that Marcus was “Marked,” but Marcus had no idea what that meant. [Montaroe was an NPC from Rohan’s background. With Rohan dead, the name didn’t have quite the impact it should have.]

• Marcus had overheard Montaroe and Joubert talking about assassinating Prince Crixus. The Prince would be attending the Feast of Honir in the town of Gloucester in the Barony of Kythorn as the guest of Baron Henry Avigton.

And that’s where we ended for the night.

NPCs met


A male pleasure slave and a poet. He has composed a ballad extolling THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!’s exploits. He kept singing the ballad until THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! smacked the slave upside the head, knocking him out cold.


Dead. The party came, they saw, they kicked his buttocks.


One of Joubert’s lieutenants. Captured and then released by the party.


One of Joubert’s lieutenants. Captured and then released by the party.

Locations Visited

Harrow Swamp


The Turtle Helm

A green, turtle-shaped helm with ruby eyes. Formerly worn by Joubert. Marvin removed it from Joubert’s severed head and was examining it at the end of the session.

Closed Plot Hooks

Kill Joubert or Bring Him to Justice

The party got their revenge! They captured him, wrung information out of him, and then executed him.

Open Plot Hooks

20 Pleasure Slaves

The party is in the middle of a deadly swamp with at least 20 pleasure slaves. The pleasure slaves have all sorts of skills but none of them will help them survive in a swamp.

Madoc and Vitar, released

The party took Joubert’s lieutenants captive and then let them go. This might have all sorts of interesting consequences.

Captain Blenheim, Ragnar, and the rest of the crew of the Mildred

They were left stranded in Harrow Swamp. Will the party find the crew and help get them out of the swamp?

Shaman’s Crown and Elslae

Shaman’s Crown is the location of some kind of nefarious activity of the Black Hand of Nogar-Sai. Agar’s enemy, Elslae, is there as well.


The party has proof of the treachery of Baron Henry Avigton. They also know that Prince Crixus may be assassinated by Montaroe within a week. Should they do anything with this information?


The party is owed a reward from the Tyrovian government in Pyrani for ending the depredations of Joubert and the River Rats. They can also claim a reward from Dagoberto the wine merchant.


The party is in the middle of a cavern full of riches: bolts of silk, casks of wine, ingots of silver, etc. Of course, the treasure is the ill-gotten booty of the River Rats and actually belongs to various merchants.

World Records

Damage Inflicted

38 points. Dar, Session 2. Against the undead horror on the streets of Pyrani.

Damage Received

47 Points. Alzar, Session 2. During the Test of Combat against Vitar, the defrocked War Priest of Kesh. Luckily, Jack rolled a Raise on Alzar’s Incapacitation roll. Unluckily, he also rolled a 2 on the Wound chart: the Unmentionables. Vitar uses a maul. So, um, yeah, make up your own description on this one.

Experience and Glory

3 XP awarded.

5 Glory Points awarded for killing Joubert and putting an end to the depredations of the River Rats.

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! has gained 20 Glory Points, so he gains the Connections Edge. Congrats Heath!

XP and Glory for current characters:

Agar 28 XP 15 Glory
Dar 28 XP 15 Glory
Marvin 23 XP 15 Glory
THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! 28 XP 20 Glory
Thomas’s New Character 25 XP 10 Glory

Dead and Retired Characters:

Alzar (retired) 23 XP 10 Glory
Jaden (retired) 22 XP 11 Glory
Rohan (dead) 28 XP 10 Glory

Legend Chip Tally: 2

Active. One Legend Chip awarded for killing Joubert and putting an end to the depredations of the River Rats.

Spent – Session 1. We started the campaign with one Legend Chip in the bag. Thomas drew it and saved it until the end of the night for XP for Rohan.



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