Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Session 1

*Legends of Steel: Shadows of Yar

Campaign Journal, Session 1*

Real World Date: Friday February 25, 2011

Campaign World Date: Amarday to Vandday, 2-4 Fireseek, 1,000 FF (From the Founding of Tyros City)

The Party


Agar. An attractive barbarian from the Ice Spires. He wears a loin cloth and a bear skin cloak complete with the bear’s head.


Dar. An attractive beastmaster and shapechanger from the Erendor Forest. He wears naught but a loin cloth. He is accompanied by a wolf. Dar is also capable of turning into a wolf.


THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!. A brawny, attractive barbarian from the Ice Spires. He wears naught but a loin cloth. He seeks Selina, the daughter of his friend Salidaar. Selina was kidnapped by a scoundrel named Joubert.


Jaden Spellbind. A wizard with a stuttering problem. He seeks revenge on a man named Joubert. The wizard wields the Staff of Spell Binding, a family heirloom and a powerful magical item.


Rohan. A rogue who has the brand of the thief on his forehead.

The Tale


• The party is in Pyrani, the City of Giants. It is the largest and richest city on Terris and possibly on Erisa.

• All of the heroes seek a scoundrel by the name of Joubert, who committed some heinous crime against them or against someone or something important to them. They all want Joubert dead, either by their own hand or by the King’s Justice.

• Joubert is currently leading the River Rats, a group of pirates attacking merchant barges on the Lil River. Local merchants have seen their profits slashed due to Joubert’s depredations. One such businessman is Dagoberto, a wine merchant and one of the richest men in one of the richest cities of the world. He has decided to take matters into his own hands.

• Dagoberto owns a winery a mile or so outside of the city walls. He had summoned the party there to discuss hiring them to bring Joubert down. A rich man would be a powerful ally in the party’s quest to bring down Joubert.

Dagoberto’s Winery

• The party fought an epic battle against mercenaries who were out to kill Dagoberto.

• The leader of the mercenaries was taken down by multiple party members. Just before he died, he confessed that a man named Obadiah Smith had hired him and his band to kill Dagoberto. Obadiah owns a tavern in Pyrani called the Queen of Cups.

• After the combat, there was some excellent role-playing by the group as they convinced Dagoberto to hire them.

• Dagoberto showed the party a bottle of wine: Lady Kelsey Red, a unique and very expensive brand. Only 12 bottles had ever been made and all 12 had been on one of Dagoberto’s barges headed upriver to Ranen’s Ford. That barge had been attacked and taken by Joubert and the River Rats. Dagoberto had bought the bottle from Antar, a retired gladiator who now owned a pub down by the river docks. Dagoberto had tried to find out from whom Antar had bought the bottle. Antar refused to divulge the secret.

Slumming It in Pyrani

• Before confronting Antar, the party went bar hopping, looking for info. They discovered that Joubert and the River Rats targeted only the richest of barges and boats, so the pirates must have inside info.

• The party also discovered something super secret: there was a shipment of pleasure slaves leaving in a couple of days for Ranen’s Ford. This was the type of cargo that Joubert would definitely target. Captain Blenheim was the man in charge of the shipment.

• Rohan got drunk and Thomas rolled on the Carousing Table. Rohan met a foppish, charismatic gentleman named Waltus Dred. Waltus claimed that he knew how to remove the thief brand from Rohan’s forehead. Rohan was so excited that he pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to Waltus. They agreed to meet later to discuss details.

• Dar got drunk and Eric rolled on the Carousing Table. Dar ended up owning the tavern in which he was drinking. He also ended up owing a 1,000 Crowns (Gold Pieces) in back taxes.

• Dar, being an uncivilized beastmaster, went to Dagoberto for an explanation. Dagoberto said that Dar was in a financial predicament. However, Dagoberto could set up Dar on a regular monthly payment plan with low interest, based on Dar’s credit history, of course. Dar, confused by Dagoberto’s words, threw the deed into the fireplace, where it was quickly consumed. Upon seeing this, Dagoberto seemed to suffer a stroke or heart attack. While the wine merchant was distracted, Dar and the rest of the party left.

Antar’s Pub

• In Pyrani, Antar’s Pub is known as a “fighting house.” There is a raised platform in the middle of the barroom. Contestants fight each other using cesti. It’s a bloody game but rarely fatal. There is much drinking and gambling amongst the patrons.

• Agar volunteered to enter the ring. He knocked out his opponent but had his nose broken in return.

• Jaden, the wizard, convinced Antar to fight him. They stepped into the ring and Jaden cast Slumber at the ex-gladiator. For a second, it looked as if Antar would fall, but he was made of sterner stuff than most men. Shaking off the spell, Antar let out a roar and charged. He hit the frail wizard and knocked Jaden out cold.

• Antar retired to his office. THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar strode boldly up to the door and went in, to gasps of astonishment of the crowd that anyone could be so bold.

• The two attractive barbarians found Antar at his desk, crying. He yelled and ordered them out. Instead, THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! told Antar his sad story. Dar, too, told his mournful tale to the retired gladiator. Antar then confessed that no one loved him and that he was tired of fighting.

• The three manly men had a group hug and a good cry, followed by a very awkward moment after they released each other from their mutual embrace.

• Antar told THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar that he had bought the bottle of Lady Kelsey Red from Jonah, a clerk who worked in the Hall of the River Lord.

Jonah’s House

• It was close to midnight when the party left Antar’s and made their way to the Hall of the River Lord. The building was closed.

• Another pub crawl and a couple of hours later, the party had Jonah’s home address. They went to the clerk’s residence, broke in, roused Jonah from his sleep, and intimidated the man so badly that he soiled himself.

• Jonah acknowledged that he was a fence for the River Rats. Once a month or so, a trader named Gretchen would arrive in Pyrani with a boat full of goods plundered by the River Rats. She sold the goods to Jonah. He in turn sold them on Pyrani’s black market. Jonah claimed that Gretchen lived in the town of Bloodwater in Harrow Swamp.

THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! punched Jonah unconscious and the party left. Agar stole an ashtray on the way out.

Cliffhanger Ending

• As the party left Jonah’s house, they saw figures coming out of the shadows all around them. Steel glinted in the moonlight. It seems that the actions of our heroes have not gone unnoticed.



Retired gladiator. A giant, sweaty man covered in scars. Owns Antar’s Pub.

Friends: THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and Dar


A rich wine merchant. Extremely fat. Patron of the party.


A clerk in the Hall of the River Lord. Works as a fence for the River Rats.

Waltus Dred

A foppish, charismatic gentleman. He says that he knows a way to remove Rohan’s brand.

Friend: Rohan.


Pyrani, the City of Giants


The Guild for the Collection of Debts and Taxes

Also known as the Knee Breakers.

Foe: Dar

The Zovan Crown

Agar stole this from Jonah’s house. He thought it was an ashtray. It’s actually a bronze crown etched with Zovan letters.

Open Plot Hooks

Kill Joubert or Bring Him to Justice

The party is getting closer.

Shipment of Pleasure Slaves

Surely, Joubert and the River Rats will target the pleasure slaves. Captain Blenheim is in charge of the shipment.

Obadiah Smith

He hired mercenaries to kill Dagoberto. Why?

Gretchen, the town of Bloodwater, and Harrow Swamp

Was Jonah telling the truth?

World Records

Damage Inflicted

24 points. Agar, Session 1. Against his opponent in the ring at Antar’s Pub.

Damage Received

36 points. Jaden, Session 1. When Antar the ex-gladiator knocked the wizard out cold. It was non-lethal damage but still counts.

Experience and Glory

2 XP awarded.

Rohan played “The Hard Way” Adventure Card, turning in his Fate Chips to gain a bonus 3 XP. Rohan gains an Advance! Congrats Thomas!

1 Glory Point awarded to Jaden for stepping into the ring with Antar.

XP and Glory for the characters:

Agar 22 XP 10 Glory
Dar 22 XP 10 Glory
Jaden 22 XP 11 Glory
Rohan 25 XP 10 Glory
THARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! 22 XP 10 Glory

Legend Chip Tally: 1

Spent – Session 1. We started the campaign with one Legend Chip in the bag. Thomas drew it and saved it until the end of the night for XP for Rohan.



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